The Illinois Department of Revenue (IDOR) has a new website application called MyDec to electronically file real property transfer tax declarations and print revenue stamps. MyDec will replace EZ Dec for real property transfer declarations and revenue stamps in Cook County and City of Chicago transactions. Eventually, this system will be used for every county in Illinois.

You must create a new MyDec account login – it will not be converted for you from the EZ Dec system. However, when creating the new login, you will need your EZ Dec Account ID for any Declarations that will be converted.

Starting 3/1/17 transfer declarations for Winnebago County may be created on “MyDec”  –

MyDec forms tendered to the title company at closing must be marked on the top as “submitted.”  The title company is then able to edit submitted MyDecs at closing, Our closers will go in to each MyDec after closing and mark it “closed”, at which time the transfer tax becomes due.

View the MyDec announcement on the IDOR website.

Please direct any questions about MyDec to our escrow team.